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NiceCalc S60 1.0.1

NiceCalc S60 1.0.1

NiceCalc S60 Publisher's Description

NiceCalc is simple, easy to use and powerful calculator with scientific functions, made in a style of pocket calculator. Main advantage over similar S60 products is that NiceCalc does combine fast "just-one-click" interface with broad set of functions. It was designed as a tool that is convenient for both elementary and scientific calculations. For example, the expression "sin2(60) + cos2(60)" can be calculated using NiceCalc in 14 keystrokes. Some known and popular S60 3rd party calculator forces you to press 36 buttons to do the same. One more example: "2 ∙ (–3) + 4". That are 7 clicks on NiceCalc and 16 clicks on the standard (built-in) S60 calculator...

Compatibility All S60 devices with standard screen resolution (176 x 208). Please always try on your device before buy!

Basic Features

  • Easy and fast "just-one-click" interface. To do an elementary operation, just need one keystroke. To do a scientific operation, need two keystrokes.
  • Support of "simplified" form for binary operations (see "Usage" section for details)
  • Double-precision (15 decimal places)
  • Maximal positive number: 9.(999)E+99
  • Minimal positive number: 1E-99
  • 3 modes of angle calculations: degrees, radians, grads
  • Indication of memory cell, current angle unit and function mode
  • Animation of keystrokes (simplifies navigation)
  • 2 panel skins: dark and bright (e.g. bright skin is better in case of sunlight)

    Usage Although interface of NiceCalc is quite easy, there is some specific that may be not very clear during the first use. For example, joystick buttons are not used for navigation, instead of, they are used as operation keys. Specific key bindings are:

  • Joystick Left button: division operation
  • Joystick Right button: multiplication operation
  • Joystick Up button: addition operation
  • Joystick Down button: subtraction operation
  • Joystick OK button: equal (calculation) operation
  • Pencil button (or ABC on some Nokia models or Shift on SX1): switch to Function mode (Fn button on NiceCalc panel)
  • Call termination button (Red phone key): clear (C button on NiceCalc panel)

    Almost all buttons have two assigned labels. To enter the number or operation displayed on some button, just press the button. To enter the operation displayed above some button, switch to the function mode first (press the button Fn), then press the button itself. Function mode is automatically switched off just after the operation is completed. Actually this is some kind of standard behaviour of real scientific calculators, so should not confuse.

    There are two sorts of operations: unary operations (require 1 argument) and binary operations (require 2 arguments). All binary operations have the same priority, ie [2] [+] [3] [*] [4] = 20 and not 24 as it should be according to mathematical rules. This is standard behaviour for calculators too, although there are exceptions (standard PC Windows calculator, for example). Unary operations always have higher priority than binary operations. So [2] [+] [3] [x2] = 11, but [2] [+] [3] [xy] [2] = 25, because [x2] is unary operation, and [xy] is binary operation.

    NiceCalc supports so-called "simplified" form of binary operations. For example, to calculate 3 ∙ 3 on NiceCalc, it's enough to enter [3] [*] [=]. To repeat the operation (ie multiply the result, 9, by 3), just press [=] again etc. This feature is quite helpful and it is regular for majority of real calculators, but not implemented in standard S60 calculator for some unknown reason.

    Restrictions of demo version Until being registered, NiceCalc runs in demonstration (trial) mode. Restrictions of trial mode:

  • Trial period is 11 days. You must register it in this period, or remove the application
  • After some (random) number of operations, output is locked with the text UNREGISTERED: locked. To unlock the output, user needs to press Clear (red phone button).

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